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Life Science Job Board

Exceptional careers in life science and pharma

We’ve spent the past decade helping thousands of life-science professionals from around the world build careers that inspire and motivate them. It helps that our international team of recruitment experts work with some of the world’s leading life-science and pharma organizations.

Get ready to launch the next phase of your career. Pick out the positions that fit your experience, or simply the ones that intrigue you, and send us your CV and a cover note telling us a little bit about yourself.


The Seuss+ Recruitment Process

You might find our process a little more attentive and personalized than your typical recruitment specialist. Your quest for employment should be about you, what you want and need.

Luckily, we’ve also built trusted relationships with your potential employers – meaning that we also understand their company culture and needs. This allows us to make matches that let both parties thrive. (And it means we can give you some insider tips for your interview, too.)

Our recruitment process is entirely confidential. Your details will never be shared without your prior consent.