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Pre-Employment Screening

Confirm the key details about your next employee

Find Out Who You’re Hiring First


Hiring new team members is an exciting challenge; have they done what they say they’ve done? It’s bad enough if someone has exaggerated their CV details, but the worst-case scenarios could even involve theft and competitive intelligence as well as that you might be hiring non-qualified employees. We can take that risk away. We will verify all your potential new employee’s details for you and make sure there are no surprises for your company down the road—without overstepping the candidate’s personal and data protection rights. Our Pre-Employment Screening (PES) service is provided by one of the leading global providers: Privatimus GmbH.


  • An assessment of employment history
  • Verification of all qualifications
  • Reference checking
  • Criminal history checks
  • A comprehensive OSRINT (open-source risk intelligence) check to make sure all possible risk-mitigation measures are taken when hiring new employees

Please note that all applicants must agree to the assessment in writing before we can begin!

Total Privacy

  • All information about clients, candidates and projects will be kept strictly confidential.
  • All client- and project-related details are stored in one place only: the assessment center in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Client and project details will never be forwarded to any third party.
  • All assessment procedures comply with national and international privacy, data-protection and other legal regulations.
  • All reports will be delivered through Privatimus’s secure file-sharing portal.

HR-related processes

This includes, but is not limited to, a full screening of the candidate’s CV, verifying dates of employment and job and task responsibilities and successes, and all relevant diplomas, certificates and other documentation proving their training and experience. This also includes verifying employer references and checking the candidate’s online career profile (on LinkedIn, Xing, etc.).

Security-related processes

This part of the procedure involves verifying identity details, including background details and current address. Where legal or relevant, this might also include a criminal record check, credit record check and check for international sanctions list.

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