pre-employment screening is critical

Making strong hires is what we all strive to do

it is critical

Wrong decisions in the selection of personnel due to incorrect information in the application documents can have serious consequences. This insight is not really new, although the topic of pre-employment checks and screenings is still “in its infancy”. Employers can effectively reduce this risk and optimize their decision-making process with the help of data protection-compliant pre-employment checks.




Pre-employment screening will help you make better informed hiring decisions. Employees who are a better fit for the position, are more likely to stay. AS we are all aware a decrease in employee turnover improves the stability of a company and help create a feeling of harmony within the team.



Although the cost of setting up a pre-employment screening process may initially be high, saving can be felt in the long run. Be aware that the average cost of losing an employee is estimated at 21% of the departing employee’s salary.



Negligent hiring comes with a high degree of risk, and can sometimes leave the organisation directly liable for its employees’ actions. Equipping yourself with knowledge about a job applicant’s history may help you avoid incidents, and keep the reputation of the organisation intact.



The applicant must be aware of:

  • that a pre-employment check is being carried out,
  • that they must expressly agree in writing, and
  • that the content and scope of the review must be detailed.

It is therefore extremely important that in a pre-employment check process there is complete and unconditional transparency on the part of the employer and any service provider that may have been commissioned. In addition, the applicant’s right to information must be preserved. He/she must always be able to find out who has stored what, where and to what extent?

The Seuss Benefit:

We have a diligent recruitment journey that we take our candidates and clients on. We believe that this process combined with pre-employment screening adds a great deal of value to our clients’ employee hiring. When using a comprehensive background screening program, there is an increased quality of hire. Talent acquisition is a struggle for many businesses, and qualifying candidates with accurate information is a great portion of that struggle. New hires are costly and we believe that much more time should be spent at the beginning of the process to reduce the chance of making a wrong hire.


The topic of pre-employment checks can be quite complex. If you want to implement it properly and in compliance with the law, you need appropriate expertise; if this is not available internally due to a lack of in-house resources, then it should at least be brought “in-house” by an external expert.

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