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Changing the face of life sciences: Seuss Recruitment announces new collaboration

Here at Seuss Recruitment, our focus has always been on making a positive, life-changing impact on recruitment in life sciences. This year our ambition is the same only on a much larger scale, and we are excited to share our news with you.


Introducing the collective

We’re proud to announce that Seuss Recruitment, Seuss Consulting, Zocket, iGina Marketing, and GCP Central are joining forces to build a strong, unique business collective within the life science industry.

Our goal is to create a new and innovative concept – a one-stop shop for clients to bring their challenges, and leave with answers.

I hear about the challenges life-science companies face, around scale-up, regulatory compliance and determining the best fit vendors. I believe this Collective provides a multitude of benefits to clients and allows us to continue helping companies thrive. We know that bringing new drugs to market is a marathon that also requires speed to deliver life-saving medicines and I am thrilled to be part of a team which has a combined strength to tackle this complex market.” 


– Sabine Hutchison, Founder, Seuss Recruitment

What this means for you

This new collaboration will provide in-house recruitment, consulting, training, technology, and marketing and branding. These additional services will help life-science organization reach their full potential.

The Collective will be based in Amsterdam, with all five companies operating from one location, bringing together an enormous wealth of talent and expertise.

You can find more information on each of the companies here: iGina Marketing, GCP Central, Seuss Consulting, Zocket

Want to discover what Seuss Recruitment and their new partnership can do for you? Contact us here.

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