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We are a recruitment partner providing staffing solutions  and helping you to hire talent in the Life Sciences industry, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, and nutrition industries.

We find the most synergistic fit between professionals and forward-thinking companies. Our vast candidate network uniquely spans both Europe and North America. Via our diverse recruitment services, we create tailored solutions for different levels and phases of recruitment.

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With our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, you get the speed of an agency and stability of an in-house recruitment team. All tailor-crafted to your unique needs.

executive search

We present leaders who will thrive in your culture and challenge you to expand your business thinking. Businesses benefit from mixed perspectives received from greater diversity.

recruitment services

We believe in authentic recruitment, looking beyond the demands of the job to find the most synergistic fit. We  find  the right talent and guide you through the process.

market research

Benchmarked candidates get you important work-related characteristics. See how those characteristics match against those determined to be the best fit for the position.

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art of modern matchmaking

Here at Seuss, we value making life-changing career placements above all else. We treat clients and candidates as people, not numbers.

We know that the right match improves both the company and the life of its new employee. And there is no greater satisfaction than that. 

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Browse some of our latest job listings in biotech and more.

About Us

Having worked in the international pharmaceutical and biotech sector for more than 20 years, we have the insights required to find highly-trained candidates for companies. We work hard to develop great relationships with the candidates themselves, as well as understand and respect their needs.

Our goal is not to deliver a big stack of CVs, but to bring only the professionals that really fit the openings that need to be filled, as well as the company’s corporate culture. 

diverse perspective leads to business innovation

We are committed to understanding how diversity can maximize business opportunities and positively impact the bottom line. We are actively studying the specific trends so we can best advise your teams on how to benefit from diverse leaders. Our free report on gender and leadership within the EU shows how quotas in different countries affect companies.

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