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Seuss Recruitment’s Educational Session at the HBA Berlin 2018

Seuss Recruitment attended the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Berlin Chapter on October 11th & 12th to lead an educational session on unleashing the leader within, and it was completely booked out!



Our own CEO and co-founder, Sabine Hutchison, led an interactive session on leadership—teaching attendees how to harness their inner leadership skills.

The session was packed, as more than 50 people joined. Once it started, the energy in the room was immediately enthusiastic and lively. Within 5 minutes, audience members were proactively asking questions and getting involved. Our only regret was not having more time!

When it comes to leadership, Sabine’s advice is:


what we liked most

The theme of the HBA Berlin Chapter was people, purpose, and passion, and how to forge the pathway to success. Over 270 people attended the entire event, with a multitude of speakers delivering inspiring presentations.

Sabine was joined by Susan Braakman, Operations Manager of Seuss Recruitment, who weighed in on her experience at the HBA.

Susan loved the interactive nature of the event and said that she felt very inspired by the speeches of other entrepreneurs. Additionally, the piece of advice she found most helpful was to trust yourself when starting a business. Stay true to your vision and fearlessly pursue it!

Personality was also a central topic of discussion at the HBA, in hiring, career placement, and entrepreneurship. Most people have no idea where they are going when they begin a career but will fall into the right role eventually based on innate personality traits.

Susan thinks that this is key:


Are leaders born or can we develop our leadership skills?

When it comes to this fundamental question of nature or nurture, Sabine firmly believes that nurture reigns supreme. Yes, we can all develop our leadership skills and become strong managers in business!

The key is to tap into our inner leadership qualities through structured training and ongoing learning opportunities.

As someone who has become a leader in business through starting her own companies and developing workshops such as the one at the HBA, Sabine is an expert in helping others bring out their inner leader.

Watch the video below, to find out what Sabine has to say about unleashing the leader within you.


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