Authentic recruiting

Matching life-science professionals with pharma and biotech companies 

you have big plans

We build strong and lasting relationships with candidates and clients. And we know that you need the right team to make your big plans happen.

We believe in genuine pharma and biotech recruitment, looking beyond the demands of the job to also find the perfect fit for the team and company culture.

Matchmaking strategy

  • Job Intake – Getting to know you, so we can create the best “Matchmaking” Strategy.
  • Communication is key, define structure for updates and the Seuss “Top Line Report”.
  • ”Jazz-up” the job description.
    Incorporating the Science, by using the Seuss “Role” specific assessment tool.
  • Attracting candidates by using video job description.

Candidate Identification

  • Sourcing candidates is an art form, the Seuss team is all about proactivity, we are creative hunters.
  • We pride ourselves on giving every candidate a positive experience.
  • Interviews are all about asking the right questions, we dig deep to discover and identify your best candidate.
  • You benefit from our expertise, we classify and only provide you with the best of the best, quality candidate profiles.

client review & interview

  • It is your time to make your pick… determine which candidate profiles spark your interest.
  • Objective insights are critical, the Seuss PI Behavioral & Cognitive Assessment, allows you to compare candidates to your target role requirements and see how they match up.
  • As an additional support , the PI provides interview questions; to assist throughout the interview process.
  • The Seuss team is there with you every step of the way to support, so you can focus on finding the best match.

the match is made

  • It is important to maintain the momentum and have a strong finish.
  • The Seuss team will “stay on top of the end game”, to assure timely offers are sent, reference checks are completed and everyone is happy with the result.

enhance your success with top talent.

The pace of business and technology today is unprecedented. Time is critical, so our goal at Seuss Recruitment is to find your next best-fit employees fast. Instead of delivering you a stack of CVs, we bring professionals from the healthcare industry that truly match your roles and your corporate culture.

we listen & learn.

We listen and learn, becoming experts on your business who truly understand what your company’s pharma and biotech recruitment needs are. Using both our experience in people management and our expertise in the pharma, biotech, medical device and medical technology industries, we will find and introduce the right talent for your next project or initiative, guiding you painlessly through the recruitment process.

We genuinely care about and support our candidates. We make matches based not only on experience and skills but on personal fit as well, ensuring a long and fruitful working relationship for both parties. We will bring you a shortlist of candidates who truly match your needs. You will be choosing between the best of the best.

And best of all: we save you time—time you can instead spend on making your business an even bigger success!

We’re not just looking to make placements—we’re looking for the perfect placements, for you AND your new team member(s).

Our Track Record

Running a successful business takes a lot of planning—but all the best-laid plans are for naught if you don’t have the right professionals to implement them. Let us make your life easier by finding effective matches. Our experience, expertise and connections have allowed us to make successful matches for positions like…

  • Global Head of BD

  • VP Clinical Operations

  • Strategic Purchaser

  • EU Director

  • Medical Science Liaisons

  • QA Specialist

  • Director QRV

  • HR Leader

  • Logistics Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Head of Business Intelligence

  • Senior Vice President of Global Development and Expansion; Managing Director

  • Medical Science Liaison Manager

  • Clinical Trial Liaison

  • Global Project Manager

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Head of Data Management

  • Global Head of Business Development

  • CFO

  • COO

  • Logistics Manager

  • Director Marketing

  • Country Manager

  • Director Project Management

  • Medical Director

  • QA Manager

  • VP European Clinical Operations

Client services


With our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, you get the speed of an agency and stability of an in-house recruitment team. All tailor-crafted to your unique needs.

executive search

We present leaders who will thrive in your culture and challenge you to expand your business thinking. Businesses benefit from mixed perspectives received from greater diversity.

recruitment services

We believe in authentic recruitment, looking beyond the demands of the job to find the most synergistic fit. We  find  the right talent and guide you through the process.

market research

Benchmarked candidates get you important work-related characteristics. See how those characteristics match against those determined to be the best fit for the position.

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