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Seuss Recruitment Announces Relaunch of the Gender Report

We’re excited to announce the release of our EU 2018 Gender Report, an updated version of the 2016 report with the latest statistics available.

The report covers gender equality within the educational, professional, and political sphere in the European Union and its potential economic impacts.

Gender Inequality is still a problem

In the European Union, only 67% of women are part of the workforce, as opposed to 78% of men, and yet, more than half of the graduates from higher education are women. This demonstrates a missed opportunity for higher economic productivity.

Gender equality is  still missing in the workplace, and many countries in the EU are seeking to lead by example by creating more gender diversity. This is being done through the introduction of gender quotas for positions in parliament, as well as on company boards.

The Benefits of Gender Diversity

Organisations benefit from a gender diverse workforce in many ways. For example, diverse employees will bring more varied perspectives to the table and help increase productivity. Gender diversity can also boost morale, because employees feel more satisfied working for a company that has good ethical practices.

Here at Seuss Recruitment, we help your company to recruit a gender diverse, quality workforce. We believe in genuine recruitment, looking beyond the demands of the job to also find the perfect fit for the team and company culture.

“It’s not about reaching a quota for PR purposes; the numbers don’t lie, having a diverse leadership team leads to above-average results.”
– Kieran Canisius, Co-Founder

Download your free copy of the Gender Report and learn more about the gender gap within the EU and how quotas in different countries affect companies.