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5 reasons why pre-employment screening is critical

We all strive for strong hires. However, wrong decisions in the selection of employees due to incorrect information in the application documents can have serious consequences.

To lower risks and optimise your decision-making, pre-employment screening is a useful tool in your hiring. It’s not only about verifying a candidate’s credentials, but it offers many other benefits to your business.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you need pre-employment screening.

1. Improved Hiring Quality

Background checks on your candidates ensure that you’re choosing the right staff for your vacancies. They help uncover if your candidate has misrepresented their qualifications or experience, and also help verify them.

Background screening can be the difference between hiring a poorly qualified candidate, and suffering potential financial and legal risks to your company. A good program eliminates the risk before it even happens.

2. Lower Turnover Rates

The more you know about a potential employee before you hire them is a benefit. You’ll dramatically reduce your turnover rate, because making a wrong hiring decision is more difficult this way.

3. Increased trust

Not every potential candidate is telling the truth. Sometimes they embellish their past responsibilities, and sometimes it’s more serious, like falsifying their qualifications and work histories.

A study revealed that a whipping amount of 85% of HR & recruitment professionals uncovered a lie or misrepresentation in a candidate resume.

A background check can bring the candidates that meet your requirements to the top of the list, and setting the basis of a trusting relationship between you and your employee.

4. Limited Exposure to Liability

Having a comprehensive background screening process in place can limit your liability exposure. Not checking your employee’s backgrounds can mean that your company can be found legally liable for their past, and in turn, your company’s reputation can suffer as a consequence.

5. Improved regulatory compliance

Using a third-party screening provider can add a solution that guarantees your compliance with regulatory requirements. These vary from position to position, and even within the industry you’re in.

A third-party screening provider with in house compliance expertise can help you overcome this challenge, and help you avoid fines and legal issues.

Pre-employment screening is vital to your business success; however, it can also be quite complex. If you want to implement it properly and in compliance with the law, you need the appropriate expertise; if this is not available internally due to a lack of in-house resources then it should at least be brought “in-house” by an external expert.

Seuss Recruitments pre-employment screening service helps you to make the right hiring decision and to find the best-fit employee for your organisation. Want to learn more about what it entails and how to ensure compliance with the law? Download our Info Pack.