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Get Better Candidates with Our 5-Step Recruitment Process

Seuss Recruitment employs a thorough 5-step recruitment process to ensure that we find you the best candidates for your open positions.

One of our goals is to build strong and lasting relationships with candidates and clients. And we know that you need the right team to make your big plans happen. 

We believe in genuine recruitment, looking beyond the demands of the job to find the perfect fit for the team and company culture.

Via our diverse recruitment services, we create tailored solutions for different levels and phases of recruiting.

To give you more insight into our process of finding you the best-fit candidate, we have created a short video to show you our 5 main steps!


Our 5 Steps of Authentic Recruitment

The pace of business and technology today is unprecedented. Time is critical, so our goal at Seuss Recruitment is to find your next best-fit employees fast.

Instead of delivering you a stack of CVs, we bring professionals from the healthcare industry that truly match your roles and your corporate culture.

So, we broke our recruitment process down into 5 main steps:

  1. Job intake- It all starts with getting to know you, so we can create the best “Matchmaking” Strategy target to your needs.
  2. Personality Assessment- Our behavioural assessment tool helps us make matches based not only on experience and skills but on personal fit as well.
  3. Uncovering Talent-We are creative hunters and we use a variety of sources in order to find you the perfect candidate.
  4. Interview phase-Interviews are all about asking the right questions, we dig deep to discover and identify your best candidate.
  5. Offer phase-We are supporting you while adjusting and sending the offer, negotiating the offer and making sure all administrative tasks are in order.


Seuss, your partner in life-science recruitment.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, you can also expect us to provide you with extensive reporting and regular updates, not only about the recruitment process but also about market insights.

We want to help you stay informed with insights into demographics, candidate behaviours, professional experience and market shifts.

To learn more about what we can do to help your company grow, get in touch with us!