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How does brand personality attract the right life-sciences professionals

When we first founded Seuss Recruitment, we knew we had to define our brand personality as we had decided to do recruitment differently, by becoming modern career matchmakers. Our unique and original approach has made us an innovative but disruptive leader in the pharma-recruitment industry. We owe part of our success to the fact that we became a  brand-led company.

Brand personality
Brand personality

Why are we so brand focused?

We’ve been following a brand-led approach since we first began, being true to our business, ethos and company culture is very important to us and we’ve been using this method to grow and attract more clients, along our journey we were also delighted to discover that leading by our brand and company personality also attracted new and exciting employees.  

Every time we read the Seuss brand personality statement to prospective employees or during onboarding, we sensed a palpable change in energy. Upon hearing it, people become truly interested in our company and motivated to work for us.

Having the right mix of people is very important for a robust and progressive company culture. Here at Seuss, we focus both on the personality of the candidate and of the client in order to match our strong, talented life-science professionals with our innovative company customers. In order to do so, we use company culture as a marketing tool.

How does it work?

Talking about your culture and giving your brand a set of characteristics and personality traits along with a voice can make it into a truly powerful tool, which can allow you to connect and find the right candidates that fit your business because they then have a better understanding of what your business really is.

Ask yourself what makes your company unique and special? These attributes will form your company culture and can enable you to better communicate your business culture.

Brand positioning and brand personality 

How is your company positioned in its marketplace, can your future employees easily understand what your business is all about, and what it truly stands for?

Do you have a brand statement?  Brand statements are somewhat like a hallmark that communicates the essence of who your company is and what direction it is going in. For example, this is the brand personality of Seuss Recruitment.

  • She is best described as an energetic and inspirational leader. She’s approachable, friendly, vibrant, and has a good sense of humor.
  • She cares about you, you feel like you will develop a life-long friend and confident when you first meet her.
  • She’s got your best interest at heart and she’s always there to help you and your business grow.
  • Most of all, she helps to grow limitlessly. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Making the company sound like a person will give your employees, clients, and candidates a better sense of what it is actually about.

Be careful not to confuse a brand statement with a mission or vision statement. The latter are usually inspirational and aspirational, but rarely reflect the day to day feel of the company. Mission/vision statements do not provide much insight into what your organization – or working for it- is really like.

Every time that I read our brand statement, I get a lump in my throat. It embodies all of our goals and re-affirms why we started this company – to match modern-day superhero life-science professionals with their perfect-fit rock star jobs.

Our strong, well-defined brand personality is what sets us apart from our competitors, and that of your company (especially when expressed in a powerful statement) could do the same for you!

More importantly, it could help you to attract the brightest talent available and the people that align best with your company culture. We strongly encourage you to give writing a brand statement a try.

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