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Buckle Up, Baby!

We are pleased to announce our new website for Seuss Recruitment BV is live and online!

The new website is a true reflection of how we feel about the pharma recruitment industry and showcases our dedication to serving our clients and candidates. We want to make the pharma recruitment industry more human, less focused on finding placements and more focused on making lasting, satisfying, career-boosting matches.

No pressure, no false expectations.

So Buckle Up, Baby! Introducing the Seuss Recruitment launch.

About Our New Website

Our new website reflects the energy and spirit of the entire Seuss Recruitment team. Every one of our team members is professional, fun, unique and full of life. We are an international bunch, and we have all had to make substantial career changes to find our passions in life. We know how hard it is and how important it is to have a trusted guide when you are making these big decisions; we hope our new website will show you how seriously we take our candidates and clients, that we listen and take the time to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve. On the other hand, as much we understand the gravity of making life-changing choices, we also like to have a good laugh and enjoy interacting with all the people we work with.

Our New Services

In addition to a new website, we are also very excited to introduce our new recruitment services: Seuss Executive and Seuss Candidate Pre-Employment Screening. Our Executive services make use of our expertise, network of premium candidates and team of friendly professionals to help you find the perfect match for a vacant leading role in your organization. The Seuss Candidate Pre-Employment Screening service extends our candidate-selection services by helping our clients make informed decisions about key hires.

New Features

Our new website also includes a new page showcasing some of the superhero hires we’re already in touch with who are waiting to hear about new opportunities in life sciences. Read about their successes and skills. Maybe one of these superheroes is right for your company, or maybe YOU are the superhero and want to be featured on our website in the future. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.

In Closing

We at Seuss Recruitment are here to shake up our industry. We believe that one company can make a difference. We are the non-recruitment recruiters. What does that mean? Check out our website to find out.

Enjoy the ride!

Kieran Canisius & Sabine Hutchison

Managing Directors, Seuss Recruitment B.V.