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How You Benefit From Our Great Timing

They say that in comedy it’s all about the timing. At Seuss Recruitment, we know that the same thing is true in business.

With our years of experience in connecting leading life-sciences companies with top professionals, we know that timing plays a major role. And now we’ve found another facet of our business where perfect timing has been critical: The growth of Seuss Recruitment.

We’re talking about our recent merger with Netherlands-based EME Medical, where  cofounder, Eva van Rooijen, becomes the Director of Recruitment.

Whether you’re a professional who may be looking for the ideal position or you’re tasked with filling positions within your company, we think you’ll see that you benefit from our serendipitous timing as well. Let us give you a bit of the back story and tell you why we think we will serve you even better as we move forward.

Networking Requires Engagement

Two fundamentals of success in recruitment are networks and engagement. You can measure the size of a network, and as you know, in professional recruitment, a bigger network is usually better…as long as the professionals in the network are excellent, qualified candidates. And, by the way, merging with EME adds their 150,000-plus Benelux area network to the Seuss network.

However, a network without great engagement is merely a database of names. The most important quality is how individuals within the network engage with one another. This brings us to a central reason we believe our merger with EME Medical makes us the go-to recruitment team in the life-sciences industry.

“I found Seuss through an online video of the founders. The video was about how they wanted to grow and change the life-science recruitment industry.  I immediately knew that I wanted to work with them,” van Rooijen says, reflecting on her introduction to the philosophy and culture at Seuss Recruitment.

The two companies had the opportunity to test out their professional and personal compatibility when they worked together on a major recruitment project; they found that they were the ideal fit for one another.

Placing Rockstars 

The goal at Seuss Recruitment has always been to be “the non-recruitment recruiters” who treat clients and candidates as people, not numbers. We work to place “rock stars” not merely employees who meet their client’s criteria, explains Seuss Recruitment CEO Sabine Hutchison. She found the culture at EME to be very similar.

Under Van Rooijen’s leadership, EME always approached recruitment from a broad perspective that includes services such as market mapping, providing professional branding and marketing tips, coaching for interview success, and delivering career advice. These values align perfectly with what Seuss believes is important in life-sciences recruiting.

A Business Match Dot Com 

“When you find a company as great as EME, and have the opportunity to merge, you have to do it,” says Hutchison. “This is the perfect merger in many ways. First, the two companies are such a great personality match that I think even the online dating services would have fixed us up together,” Hutchison adds.

The online dating comparison is a good one. Seuss has always appreciated the parallels between finding one’s soulmate to connecting professionals with the companies whose culture best match their personalities and professional goals. We even see ourselves as modern-day matchmakers of sorts. And while we have a great track record for making successful matches within the life sciences, we’re now proud to have found a great match for ourselves with EME Medical and Eva van Rooijen.

Get in touch with us to start your next Executive Recruitment, Rent-a-Recruiter, or recruitment project. Call Sabine Hutchison or Eva van Rooijen at: +31(0) 20 29 00 016 or email us at to set up a complimentary consultation.