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Inspiring Journey Video with Anne Bruinvels

We provide life-changing growth strategies for our clients and our candidates. Our Inspiring Journeys series features amazing individuals who tell their story of when they faced a mountain and how they climbed it. Watch our latest inspiring journey video with Anne Bruinvels.

Video Transcription:

I’m Anne Bruinvels. I am a pharmacist by training. I’m a biomedical scientist and I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve set up a number of biotech companies, life science companies and PX Healthcare is my latest venture and PX stands for patient experience. With PX, we developed apps for people with cancer, at least mobile tools. We believe that people who receive the diagnosis of cancer, they really become quite anxious, very confused. There’s a lot of decisions they have to make that concern them, their news but also their treatment and their outcomes.  Because cancer is not only just a traumatic experience when you hear about it, here are a lot of decisions that are right for you but may not be right for someone else.

There are a lot of different treatments and you need to decide what is the best treatment for you. And, for that we decided it would be really best if we could make apps for people with cancer to support them with personalized medical information and with lots of tools, a suite of tools to help them during the treatment and after the treatment. And, that’s what we do with our first product that’s called OWise, the O stands for stance for onco and we’ve made it initially for people with breast cancer.

My friends always say,I don’t understand how you change careers so often”, but for me it’s logical. I follow what truly motivates me and you know, I think one of the things that I’ve always said since I was probably, since I left home perhaps was like if “I don’t like my life for about a week, I’ve got to change it.” So, it’s not that I change things very regularly but if I don’t enjoy things I think I need to question what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

So, as a result, I think you always follow perhaps more your intuition and you think “This is what I really want to do.” And, without feeling pressured to stay in a particular job or to stay on a particular track. And, I think perhaps I’ve applied that to myself. I’m very intuitive with what I do so I’m like I think about it for a while and then I reason about it and all of a sudden, I’m convinced that that’s the next thing for me to do. And, I’m a great believer that you know, we only live once we have to work. I love my work and I think everyone should choose something to do professionally that they love as well.

So, try to find something that you can spend not just eight but perhaps ten hours or days on without difficulty. For, me that makes it easier.

Anne Bruinvels is the inspirational leader of PX healthcare which developed the innovative OWise app.

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