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Inspiring Journey Video with Jessica Kundapur

We provide life-changing growth strategies for our clients and our candidates. Our Inspiring Journeys series features amazing individuals who tell their story of when they faced a mountain and how they climbed it. Watch our latest inspiring journey video with Jessica Kundapur below.

Video Transcription:

They were basically the same, it’s basically to create something out of value to others. So the book started like quite a long ago, ten years ago actually when I was diagnosed with lupus. And again I was presented with opportunities, well you can either just you know have this illness and never talk about it again and never help anybody else or you can use this as an opportunity to share your experiences and hopefully reach somebody and give them motivation that yes, they have this illness that doesn’t have a cure and can be quite difficult to manage, but actually within this space there’s always opportunities to grow and to learn and to be of value and to think of yourself as someone having value. So the book was just something I just once I started it I had to finish it, I had to complete it, I had to put this story out there. And when I joined Seuss, you know it wasn’t about the end part of it, I just had finish it and actually my bosses at Seuss we’re really encouraging to the point of being like, when’s it finished?!? So I had that motivation to just to get it out there.

But I never saw them as being disparate sort of forces. I really thought they were both ways to move forward and to make your voice heard and also to be of value to not just you know work for the sake of your own purposes, but to give back to those that give you opportunities and to give back and to help others. And I’ve always viewed, no matter what job I’ve had in clinical research, in CROs, now working for a consulting company, that actually I’m driven with this idea that what we’re doing is helping people and then the same with my book as well. My advice is to just go for it. I think we get stuck in our own head. I think if you’re in a new country you think about what you used to be and what you used to do. And again that’s just in the past and it’s just a title. It doesn’t really represent who you are or what you can contribute now or in the future. So my advice is to really just go for it. Put yourself in the path of opportunities is probably my advice.

So I know lots of people who just started like myself interning you know even things like you know, child care, but they put themselves out there and they put themselves in the path and they got alliances. They found backers and supporters and other people who then pushed them forward. But they key is actually as hard as it is it’s to let go of this old part of you and to see okay I’m in a new country. It’s a blank slate and that is terrifying, it’s scary for a lot of people, but for me I always viewed it as it’s actually liberating you know. It’s a whole new story you can write for yourself, but you just have to you know like with the book you just have to pick up the pen and just start writing.

Jessica Kundapur works as an account manager and business consultant at Seuss Consulting.

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