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Our Favourite Placements: The One That Changed the Company

This November we’re sharing with the world why we love our jobs, sharing the stories of our favourite placement experiences – our pharma-recruitment success stories. This week we talk to Seuss Executive CEO Sabine Hutchison about a high-level placement she made that was pivotal in changing the company as a whole!

In Sabine’s words…

A Pivotal Placement

The right placements don’t just change candidates – they change companies! And not just the companies where they are placed. My favourite pharma-recruitment success story is about a placement that not only led to a pivotal change in the company who hired her, but also in our company – Seuss Recruitment – too.

But let me tell you about it in person.


So not only was this placement pivotal to Seuss Recruitment as a company (since it was our first!), but it was a pivotal placement for the client, too. It was for someone who was going to see the company through a turning point in a new market – and I just knew that I had the right fit for them. I knew that both the smart and savvy candidate and this expansive, forward-thinking company would blow each other away. But hearing the CEO confirm that we were “pivotal in the growth of their organization” really made it hit home – how much impact one person can have on an entire company, or two even.  

The Difference One Person Makes

One person making the difference – this was actually the theme of my introductory address at the HBA conference I recently organized. I talked, for example, about Jack Andraka, the teenager who developed an early-detection test for pancreatic cancer before his sixteenth birthday (you might have seen his Ted Talk). And also about Bernard Muller,  also present at HBA, who started Treeway to find a cure after being diagnosed with ALS. In fact, the theme “the impact of one person” could be heard again and again in a number of the talks at HBA.

We know that finding the “right person” is key in any team, that complementary personality and skill set that combines with the rest to create the synergy that leads to growth and innovation. Or a magnetic personality that changes the energy of the team, elevating their dynamic to a higher level. But some people make an impact at an even higher level, one that changes the world – or your company. Those are the people I love to find, and find career paths for.

As for that placement? My candidate and the company are still growing together and delivering top-notch clinical-trial services.

Looking for a dynamic and game-changing new team member to lead your pharma, biotech or CRO business? Give Sabine a call at +31(0) 20 29 00 016, or email her at

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