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Our Favourite Placements: Why Trust Matters

This November, we’re sharing how much recruitment means to us. In this series, members of our team share all the details on their favourite placements – their best pharma-recruitment success stories! Check out their fun ‘Favourite Placement’ videos on the Seuss Recruitment Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Seuss Recruitment consultant Yvonne Mallett, a truly kind and helpful pharma and CRO recruitment specialist really cares about her clients and candidates, wanted to share her story in a blog post. As you will read, she is the anti-thesis of pushy, mean, numbers-oriented recruiters. She focuses on personality matches and somehow finds the nicest people in our industry – after all, nice attracts nice!

In Yvonne’s words…

Finding the Right Match

Our client had been looking for a Contract Global Oncology Project Manager in the US. The recruiting process wasn’t going well. Seuss asked me to “rescue” the project and find an out-of-this-world project manager. I was…daunted. The client was very particular – they knew exactly what they wanted, and Seuss was really keen to deliver and solidify their relationship. I knew this was a difficult case, and I was coming late to the table.

After extensive sourcing, I wasn’t having much luck. Many of the contractors I contacted didn’t have any availability, and permanent employees weren’t so keen to leave a “secure” role for a contract position. But I didn’t stop!

I was fortunate enough that candidates I had reached out to, though they weren’t themselves available or interested, had appreciated my approach. They told me that, because I had been friendly and respectful to them, they wanted to help me find the right match. One candidate I had sourced trusted me enough to refer me to a colleague of his. Once I spoke to her, I knew she was perfect – the perfect match for this forward-thinking and innovative company.

Of course there is always a caveat…she was expensive!

Finding a Solution

Just about everyone cautioned me about moving forward with this candidate. But I truly believed that this candidate was the person the client was searching for. I decided to take a risk. I stuck to my guns and sent her information over to the client.

The client was impressed with the detailed profile I wrote about her, and I arranged a call between them. Once they spoke, the candidate was even more impressed. They decided to meet with her the next time she was in the States.

We were, however, still concerned about the rate the candidate was asking and worried she might be rejected for this. Yet, my gut told me that this was the right match for both the client and candidate. So I kept in touch with the candidate, and the next time she went to the States, I arranged for her and the client to meet.

It was a success! After meeting her in person, the client was more interested than ever. They wanted to engage her services, although they couldn’t straight away. The candidate was also very impressed with client and keen to work with them. So she agreed to lower her rate slightly, and the client accepted!

That Fuzzy Feeling

This placement was especially special for me because it was a placement that Seuss Recruitment really wanted to deliver on, but it was a tough one. However, what I really loved about this experience was the trust I experienced: first with the referral from the candidate I had approached, but also the trust I had shown in myself by following my instincts. I was also grateful the candidate and client equally trusted that I was putting everyone’s best interests first.

The candidate is a lovely person, and she was so nice to interact with, which made the whole process very easy. I am happy to report that she and the company are both enjoying working together. So it is a recruitment challenge with a very happy ending! All it took was a little politeness and persistence – and trust.

Contact Yvonne to get help filling your life sciences organization’s vacancies from someone with integrity, politeness and true grit who attracts the kindest candidates in the industry.For more information, call Seuss Recruitment at +31(0) 20 29 00 016 or send a question to: