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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

For our grandparents and many of our parents, a job was like a marriage. Once the vows were said and the contracts signed, they had made a commitment for life. Choosing to leave a job was unconventional – after all, they had promised to stick it through for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, until retirement did them part.

Let’s face it, anyone who quit willingly was probably considered a bit crazy.

In jobs, like in all relationships, there comes a moment of truth where the question can be answered: Am I fulfilled (by my career), or would my life be better without it? Is it time to quit? While in the past it was frowned upon to answer yes, today people expect –and even want- to switch jobs at least once and probably more. Some of these switches are not voluntary, but many are by choice!

But why would someone choose to leave a job that gives them stability and security? Do you feel that very real urge for change? Even in today’s culture of renewal and transformation, many people will question your desire to explore other alternatives. Don’t let them intimidate you! Your reasons for seeking a change are real – and even if other people do not understand them, the important thing is that they make sense to you. Explore the urge! While venturing into unknown territory may be scary, it can also be extremely rewarding.

As experts in the pharma recruitment industry, here at Seuss Recruitment we hear many stories that tell us why it is the right time to leave your position and your company.

1) You’ve outgrown your role. It all started off great, and the big challenge of a brand-new position was very exciting! Now that time has passed, though, you find that you have mastered the job and the challenge is gone. Admit it. The lack of challenge makes the job dull.

2) There is a change in management. This could be huge. Leadership is the key to creating the environment that will allow you and your team members to succeed. Your new boss or management team might be good for the company, but this does not mean that they are right for you and your plans for growth and career development.

3) You have probably found that your company’s ethos is different now from when you joined and may no longer be the right fit for you (even if it is for others). We all know that culture changes, and company culture is no exception. Any company’s culture will evolve as it grows (or shrinks), and it is affected by both external and internal forces. Sometimes, your company’s culture has become toxic. This is one of the best reasons for leaving a job. A negative change to a company’s ethos can infect and affect everyone – and not in a good way!

4) You have undergone a life change– A wise man once said that the only certain thing in life is death. Circumstances change and sometimes this means that your job no longer fits with what is going on in your personal environment. But to be happy, your work life and your private life must have synergy. It can be exhausting when they don’t.  

5) You want to explore a career change. Your interests are wide and varied, and so are your talents. It is important and rewarding to spend time delving into them. Would they be better put to use in a different job or perhaps a different industry? You will only be able to reach your full potential once you are on the right trail. Try a SWOT, a concise tool that can help you explore and discover new career pathways.

Finding about what makes you thrive and keeps you happy is not fluff, but the the key to workplace success. If at work you are doing what you enjoy and what you are good at, you will be a very efficient employee. The right fit is out there and it’s up to you to find it. Don’t let the “ifs and buts” stop you from unleashing your potential. Become a superhero!

Do you think you may want a change, but are not sure if this is the right moment for it? There will never be a perfect time for a career transition. Just ask yourself: How am I feeling? How am I doing at my current company? Do any of the factors listed above apply to me? If they do, it might be time to consider a change. Remember that thinking about it is not a commitment.

If you decide to leave your job, be sure to quit responsibly. Also, we won’t lie to you. Career transitions are tough. But you will spend many, many hours in your life working (approximately 90,000!), and it is important that you spend this time doing something you enjoy and that benefits you and your company. So take some time to explore.

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