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Did You Join Us for the Last Seuss Talks Webinar? Get Your Free Replay

Last week, Seuss Recruitment successfully hosted the third webinar in our Seuss Talks series, titled 5 Steps to Create a Robust Recruitment Process!

The whole office was filled with excitement as Seuss Recruitment co-founder and CEO Sabine Hutchison and Operations Manager Susan Braakman prepared to share their expert tips live during the webinar.

After the webinar, we caught up with them to hear about their experiences hosting the webinar. If you missed the webinar, you can still tune into the free replay. 

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Webinar Replay

All About the Webinar

It was both Sabine and Susan’s first time hosting a live webinar, so they felt slightly nervous but also very excited to share their insights with the audience. With their valuable knowledge gained through years of experience as recruiters, they hoped to help other people in the recruitment industry improve their process.

Thus, their main goal was to share our 5-step recruitment process with the audience and how it has helped Seuss become a successful recruitment company.

Using the same 5 step framework throughout each recruitment allows us to maintain consistency and make excellent matches between candidates and the companies who need them.

A key step in our process is personality testing, which helps ensure that the matches last long term because the candidate is compatible with the rest of the team that they will be joining.

If you want to learn more about creating a robust recruitment process, but missed the webinar. Don’t worry! We have you covered with a free replay, ready to download here.

Emphasizing the Candidate Experience

Both Sabine and Susan want candidates’ voices to be heard and agreed that more emphasis needs to be put on their points of view during the hiring process.

The pair liked being able to answer questions from the audience and engaging with other recruiters. Overall, the webinar went smoothly, and Sabine and Susan had a great time presenting together.

Get your free webinar replay here:

Get Your Free
Webinar Replay

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