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Diversity Statistics in Life Sciences: A Case Study

When Alex Sedler first investigated the possibility of working as a life-sciences recruiter for Seuss Recruitment, he hesitated because he wasn’t a “science guy.” But when he met the people at Seuss, he changed his mind. What was it about the Seuss team that made him take a new interest in the sciences?

First of all, as an American himself, he was really impressed by American-Dutch and American-German co-founders Kieran and Sabine’s very international way of relating to the world. It was when he met the team as a whole, though, that he was really blown away. “There are no borders at Seuss” he said. He was amazed that everyone came from different countries, spoke multiple languages, traveled widely. And that there were many female leaders and team members. That everyone was honestly interested in everyone else’s culture and curious about people in general. The perfect team for recruiting, he thought, in the life sciences or any other industry.

So, once he joined that team and began to really experience the dynamic atmosphere (and the fun!), he wanted to show it off.


Alex had an idea: he wanted to showcase Seuss’s diversity with a campaign, which he launched in July of 2016 with the hashtag #SeussIs. He conducted a survey in the office to really dig down into the team’s diversity. Even we were surprised when we saw all the different languages spoken and countries lived in tallied up together. Each week we featured a different statistic, regularly featuring pictures of our team members as well.

If you missed the campaign, you can check it out for yourself by looking up the hashtag #SeussIs on our social media channels: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We got a lot of encouraging positive feedback from clients, vendors, former team members and potential employees. As we discussed in our review of gender quotas, sharing these sorts of stories, where diversity has led to positive environments and profitable differentiation, encourages others to pursue diversity on their own life-science teams. (It’s not tough to do.)

So, in the interest of keeping the discussion going and celebrating diversity in life sciences, we wanted to share our Seuss diversity statistics with you! We’d love to hear: does your team look like ours?


  • Total number of languages spoken: 14
  • English, Dutch, Turkish, French, German, Spanish, Telugu, Polish, Hindi, Icelandic, Tamil, Galician, Portuguese and Russian
  • Average number of languages spoken per team member: 2.93


  • Number of nationalities: 8
  • Dutch, American, English, Polish, Turkish, Indian, Canadian and Spanish
  • Previous employees from Hungary, Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland, Romania and Italy
  • Number of countries we’ve lived in: 13
  • USA, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, India, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Iceland and Canada
  • Avg number of countries lived in per team member: 2.4
  • 75% of Seuss employees are expats
  • Avg # of countries visited per team member: 18.2

#Seuss Is…Gender Equal

  • Led by women
  • 40% male/60% female*

*After starting as a group of women, we made a concerted effort to find and hire more excellent men to diversify our team, create balance, bring in fresh ideas and help us attract and relate to still more excellent employees, clients and candidates.

Overall, we are really happy with our campaign – finding out these things about ourselves made us happy, and it made up happy to bring a smile to other people’s faces and give them a nudge to being reveling in their own diversity. Looking at the diversity statistics in life sciences is a good way to start!

Update! Since our campaign ended, we added more awesome people! Seuss Consulting welcomes Business Consultant Eleni Menegatou (from Greece), who adds Greek to our roster of languages. Seuss Recruitment also welcomes Team Manager Susan Braakman to lead our diverse team of recruiters!

Inspired by our campaign? Email: or call +31 (0) 20 29 00 016 to get support recruiting and building strong, experienced and diverse life-sciences and clinical-research teams.