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Meet Our Team!


Seuss recruiters are life-science industry experts who focus on finding the most synergistic fit between companies and professionals using the ancient art of match-making with a modern twist. We value life-changing career placements and we treat clients and candidates as people, not numbers. The right match improves both the company and the life of its new employee, and there is no greater satisfaction than that. Meet the Seuss Recruitment team below.

What makes us special?


Our international focus—with a team fluent in 15+ languages—gives us a wider talent pool to draw from and helps keep you connected with other offices and the wider world.  Each of our recruiters has lived abroad, and understands the challenges of moving to a new country and working across borders.


We’re professionals in the industry above all else. We understand your business.


However, that doesn’t stop us from being (in)famously friendly!


However, we understand how important it is to be respectful of your company’s particular needs and culture. We are chameleons, understanding how to fit in (and find those who fit in) in any work environment.

Our Team




van Rooijen











Sabine Hutchison

Growing a business, moving into overseas territory or starting the next phase of your career are exciting, but blended with that excitement is some risk, and that’s something that Sabine understands and appreciates when she works with Seuss Recruitment clients. She’s been there – both professionally and personally. Sabine came to Europe from the United States with a couple of suitcases, eager to dive into the unfamiliar cultures, so she knows all the emotions that come with new adventures. She also knows that it’s best to navigate new territory with trusted advisers, and she sees trust as the core of the relationships she builds with her clients. Professionals looking to make a career move know that she will never pressure them into a position just to make a placement. Firms looking for help with business plans know that she has the industry knowledge and experience to get their business to the next level. And with her natural, American “can-do” attitude and understanding of US and EU business culture, Sabine makes European expansion as natural as opening a new shop across town. Get in touch by email  or phone at + 49 173 932 5305, or connect to her on LinkedIn. 

“Super Learning…The ability to absorb information instantly.  Talk about impressing friends. More importantly, I would be an enormous asset to any superhero team, can’t fly that helicopter? Just insta-read the manual and boom be a pilot!”

Eva van Rooijen

Eva is a quick-thinker who joins the team with 10 years of recruitment experience. Her passion for the ever-fluctuating life-science industry combines with a positive attitude genuinely felt by everyone who meets her. Eva’s market knowledge makes her uniquely equipped to approach big and small projects, while her exceptional insights into the life-science industry and its trends help her to craft the best match for all parties involved. She is proudest when a client conveys that they struggled to choose between several remarkable candidates. Her goal when working with life-science professionals is to always help them advance. Even if they are currently in a comfortable job situation, Eva hopes to place them somewhere that is more exciting and challenging in all the right ways. When collaborating with Eva, you’ll never feel like just another person in her network!

Reach Eva by email, mobile +31 (0)6 18846802 or LinkedIn.


Susan Braakman

Maintaining your network, that’s what recruitment is all about – and Susan has built up an impressive network in her 15 years in the life-sciences recruitment industry. Her career has been full of great hires, beautiful stories and life-changing moments.

Susan is a curious person, she loves asking a lot of questions! And her super-memory makes sure she doesn’t lose it! Candidates are impressed around the bits of information she remembers.

When it comes to recruitment, Susan believes in the power of authenticity. Susan is honest and real, so people know what to expect from her. Her advice for candidates? Show employers who you really are, and you will find the job that matches you. She likes to quote Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Her motto: “People will choose you because of you.”

Reach Susan by email or LinkedIn.

“If I could choose a superpower, it would be the ability to cure diseases so that others don’t need to suffer.”


Yvonne Mallett is known for her three favorite words: “I’m on it.” Together they describe her attitude toward work: keep it simple, get it done. And get it done right. Industrious and enthusiastic, Yvonne is someone you want on your team. She is focused but approachable, devoting her attention to keeping both clients and candidates happy and engaged. Yvonne invests her time in listening and understanding, following her heart to make the right decisions for the people she works with. With Seuss Recruitment, Yvonne has been expanding her network to new dimensions. Her favorite part of the job is bringing together people at all levels across Europe, the US and Canada. Whomever she works with, her drive and focus are zeroed in on one thing: helping you reach your career potential.

Get in touch by email or LinkedIn

“I wish I had the innate capability to know and understand something (such as all of the new exciting developments in the life sciences industry) without the need to study it.”

Nora Kalnoki-Kis

Nora boldly seeks out challenging experiences that push the boundaries of what she has done before. She believes that overcoming fear gives you the confidence to explore the constraints of what you imagine you can do. This is the confidence boost you need to fuel the ambition, daring and self-belief that will make all the difference in your career and help you find your real passion. Originally from Hungary, Nora has so far lived, worked and studied in six different countries on three continents. Nora loves to “think big,” and during her studies she conducted extensive research into the success of female business leaders. Her undergraduate education provided a strong foundation in Human Resources, and Nora added to this by developing a firm understanding of change management and organizational structure while obtaining her Master’s of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategy and Organization from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her international experiences, curiosity about people and companies, and excitement for challenges, drove her to become a life-sciences matchmaker. Her goal at Seuss Recruitment is to help others to excel in their new companies and deliver growth.

Reach Nora by email or LinkedIn.

“My chosen superpower would be the ability to live each and every moment to its fullest, in this way spreading more compassion, love and happiness to all.”

Frank Bolhuis

Some people might say Frank’s resume is illogical: he’s an art historian currently working as a pharma/biotech recruiter. He used to work for the Dutch Labour Party, and during his studies, he took part on local committees. Now, in addition to his recruitment work at Seuss, he’s working on a book and a blog about his vision on the Millennial generation. Working as a Recruiter at Seuss in the Pharma/Biotech industry allows him to capitalize on his inquisitive side. He is eager to connect with people and learn how they react to the world around them. You can say he’s an investigator of interpersonal behavior who truly uses all of his past experiences to support those candidates still looking for that perfect professional fit. He’s not the stereotypical sales-driven recruiter; his ultimate concern is not a target, but to help his clients find the right job. At Seuss he feels like a recruiter rock star, but he’s still simply Frank: down to earth and ready to explore new possibilities.

Contact him by email or on LinkedIn

“My superpower would be telepathy, so that I could truly get to know people.”

Natalija Vukadinovic

Natalija joined Seuss because she was drawn to the company’s dedication to happier professionals in the life-science industry. She graduated with a degree in Business Psychology and is fascinated by people’s motivations and actions especially as it applies to their working life, and is currently finishing her Masters studies in Human Resource Management.

Becoming a recruiter is the perfect job for Natalija, who is empathetic to an extreme, knows that helping people find jobs they love is a life-changing experience. Natalija enjoys adventure and believes in doing things that challenge you, it’s how she ended up in the Netherlands from her home country of Serbia. She’s dedicated to helping people and works hard to do so. Her persistence and passion result in commitment to helping you find a life-altering job.

Reach Natalija by email, mobile +31 20 2900016 , or LinkedIn.

“My superpower would be Mentifery – the power to turn thoughts and imagination into reality so I could make dreams to come true.”

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