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People, Purpose & Passion HBA 2018 European Leadership Summit

This year’s Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) European Leadership Summit will take place in Berlin, Germany on the 11th-12th October and we’re proud to announce that we are a big part of it!

Seuss Recruitment CEO and Co-founder Sabine Hutchison will play an integral role in this year’s eagerly awaited HBA European Leadership summit.

Sabine is no newcomer to the inspirational summits, last year at the 2017 London Edition, Sabine volunteered her time to act as Summit Director over the exciting two-day event that focused on gender equality. Earlier this year, Sabine was also invited to guest speak at the HBA Frankfurt Chapter.

Read on for more on how we are taking part in this event.


2018 HBA European Leadership Summit

This year’s 2-day Summit is titled People, Purpose and Passion: The Pathway to Success with a focus on entrepreneurship in healthcare and life science.

We’re excited to announce that on Thursday, October 11th, Sabine will host an educational session called “Unleashing the Leader Within You”

Attendees to this year’s event will be able to register for Sabine’s Masterclass when they arrive.

Not yet attending the Summit? Don’t miss out to REGISTER for this years HBA Leadership Summit on time – here’s how you can join.

We sat down with Sabine earlier this week to discover more about her session and what we can expect.


Unleashing the Leader Within You – Educational Session

Marie Curie once said,

Sabine’s masterclass is designed to inspire, motivate and guide attendees to embrace their inner leader and find confidence and peace in their own leadership skills.

She asks,

During the session, you’ll learn how more leaders than you think have worked tirelessly to enhance the skills needed to inspire and lead teams. You’ll also get the chance to explore whether or not you feel like you’re a “born” leader and how you can develop and achieve your full leadership potential.

After the session, attendees will leave with the tools to challenge and rethink the way that they look at themselves, find their style and truly master behaviors, so they can soar as a high impact leader.


What is the HBA?

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association is a global nonprofit organization founded in 1977, comprised of individuals and organizations from across the healthcare industry committed to: 

  • Achieving gender parity in leadership positions
  • Facilitating career and business connections
  • Providing effective practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their female talent

The HBA leadership summits are dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in business, it’s a place where innovation breeds and career connections are made.


Sabine at the HBA  

Are you ready to unleash the leader within you? Register and see you at this years HBA European Leadership Summit.