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Seuss Recruitment – 2017 HBA European Summit Roundup

Seuss Recruitment summit roundup.  We were proud to take part in this years 2017 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Summit in London last week.

Our very own CEO Sabine Hutchison was closely involved in this year’s topical event working over the exciting 2 days volunteering as the Summit Director.

We caught up with Sabine to earlier this week to hear her very own summit roundup as well as her favorite industry talks and one to watch tips.

Job interview success
Job interview success

What is the HBA?

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association is a global nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and organizations from across the healthcare industry committed to:

  • Achieving gender parity in leadership positions
  • Facilitating career and business connections
  • Providing effective practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their female talent

The HBA leadership summits are dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in business, it’s a place where innovation breeds and career connections are made.

Sabine’s summit roundup

I have just returned from an exciting 2 days in London at the HBA 2017 European Leadership Summit, and what an event this year was. I was working in both my professional capacity this year but also as an event volunteer which was a wonderful experience.

This years event saw 250 people walk through the summit doors, a record for the HBA and around 30 panelists and speakers. You could certainly feel the energy.

Event Focus

The summit is focused on gender equality and over the two days, I was lucky enough to witness some really inspirational industry stories and discussions. I moderated a panel filled with operational individuals from large to mid-size companies who discussed their success and struggles around gender equality and diversity in the workplace. They gave interesting insight and practical examples on the things that companies can do as well as on an individual level to incorporate diversity and equality in business.

It was a great to hear this topic discussed outside of the usual and more traditional D&I/HR arena.

 Panel – Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion Reaping the benefits of inclusive and diverse workforce

 Moderator: Sabine Hutchison – CEO, Seuss Recruitment, and 2017 HBA Europe VP


  • Stephanie Brooksbank – VP, finance R&D pipeline, GSK
  • Marc Timmerman – managing partner, Axiom
  • Frans Cromme – SVP, commercial excellence, Smith & Nephew Global ComEx
  • Dan Mathews – consumer products, retail and life sciences lead, EY
  • Martina Muttke head of international medical affairs, Shire

Favorite Talk

There was many to choose from including Keiran Canisius’s talk on removing bias from hiring.

  • The Innovative Power of Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
  • Inclusion – CEO, Gender Balance Consultants How gender balance drives innovation, and how leaders can unlock its power

Summit favorite moment

There was just too many to pick from, I had the opportunity to meet some truly remarkable people, but for me, some very special moments actually came after the summit, the emails and comments from individuals who said how inspired they were by the event, and how they want to volunteer next year.

 Sabine’s one to watch business

 I thoroughly enjoyed a TED-style talk from Nora Khaldi, founder, and CSO of Nutrias on Unlocking the miracle of data in food. Nuritas is my industry one to watch.

The event was a fantastic experience and packed full of innovative and forward-thinking discussions. I can’t wait to see next year’s agenda.