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How To Get the Most From Your ‘Long-Distance’ Investment

The Global Revolution

It might not look that way to the casual observer, but I’m a revolutionary. Well, at least I’m part of a revolution that’s underway all over the globe. I’m talking about the incredible growth of professionals who essentially work over the Internet. We come with a variety of labels, including:

  • Long-distance employee,
  • Virtual employee, and
  • Freelancer.

A Different Kind of Company

As a Freelance Recruiter for the last two years, I have worked with some great companies—but none of them were quite like Seuss Recruitment. Seuss knows how to truly leverage their long-distance hires to add value. A model I’d like to see more companies follow.

My work for Seuss Recruitment is mostly done from my previous home in Spain and current home in Portugal. However, after having worked with Seuss for only three weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to join them in Amsterdam for their quarterly meeting and Christmas party. Frankly, freelancers aren’t often included in company events like this, but it was a great opportunity to meet other team members, who greeted me with genuine warmth. If I were a regular employee, you might call this “onboarding,” but no formal procedure really exists in the virtual world for this. Still, it’s a very smart strategy to strengthen your long-distance workers’ ties and commitment to the company.

Over the months, the leaders at Seuss Recruitment have continued to build our relationship. In February, May and August I was invited back to Amsterdam for their quarterly meetings, which also included helpful trainings. A professional photographer was also and I was invited to be part of the company photos. I’m included in their twice weekly meetings and am in constant contact with all team members. I feel that I always have the support I need and I don’t feel like an outsider. These are the experiences that help long-distance, freelance workers like me feel personally invested in the company.

Some Advice

If you merely want someone to mechanically perform their duties, a personal connection might not seem necessary. However, you’ll find that many freelancers and virtual employees have a wealth of experience that you might not be tapping into, but if you create the right atmosphere and relationship, they will feel valued and encouraged to come forward with ideas.

You might get a totally fresh perspective on a situation that you wouldn’t get from your in-house staff.

Written by: Yvonne Mallett, Master Match-Maker with Seuss Recruitment. Who is Yvonne? Read more about her at:  or check out her LinkedIn Profile: