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PRESS RELEASE: Seuss Consulting Rebrands People-Focused Recruiting Services as Seuss Recruitment

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. – September 1, 2015 – Seuss Consulting, a leading provider of professional services in the life-sciences sector, today announced the launch of Seuss Recruitment, a dedicated brand built around the company’s already successful recruiting services, which focuses re-humanizing the life-sciences and pharma recruitment industry. Seuss Recruitment will remain headquartered in Amsterdam, servicing North America and Europe.

“Seuss Recruitment offers life-changing growth, for both candidates and clients. We know how important your career and your company is. We want to make matches that make a difference…for the long-term and for the better. But we do it with integrity, with decency and respect,” says Sabine Hutchison, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Seuss Recruitment B.V.

“Today’s announcement is the next step toward overhauling a broken industry,” adds Seuss Recruitment’s other Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Kieran Canisius. “We feel the pharma recruitment industry can be so much better. It can be so much more…human. Our style of recruitment is more than just placing people in positions. We combine the ancient art of match-making with modern tools to ensure successful hires. Seuss Recruitment is above pressuring people or creating false expectations. We are here to make beneficial and meaningful matches between stellar life-sciences companies and rock-star clinical research professionals.”

Parent company Seuss Consulting, formed in 2012 to provide business consulting services to small-to-large life-sciences companies, will also continue to expand its consulting services to help its global roster of clients maximize their business potential. The newly branded Seuss Recruitment team, led by two industry veterans, meanwhile offers recruitment services to both people and companies.

“Our company will continue to focus investments in making the life-sciences industry a better place to thrive, which includes utilizing our unique blend of traditional match-making with a modern twist,” Hutchison says.

In addition to featuring a new dedicated website and an updated logo, the group is especially excited to launch two new services. Seuss Executive makes use of the company’s expertise, network of premium candidates and team of friendly professionals to help find the perfect matches for companies seeking to fill leadership roles. Seuss Recruitment will now also offer Pre-Employment Screening, extending its candidate selection services by helping clients screen and make informed decisions about key hires.

Canisius concludes, “All of us here at Seuss are incredibly excited about stepping up to the plate and helping our industry to grow outside of its confines, and we look forward to continue partnering with our candidates and clients to deliver the outcomes they need.”

For more information about Seuss Recruitment, please visit The parent company, Seuss Consulting, remains at


About Seuss Recruitment
Seuss Recruitment is the pharma recruitment specialist that focuses on finding the most synergistic fit for both sides using the ancient art of match-making with a modern twist. The right match improves both the company and the life of its new employee, and there is no greater satisfaction than that.

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