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Seuss Recruitment releases first eBook: 7 Proven Steps to Recruit & Retain Talent

We’re delighted to announce the release of our very first free eBook, 7 Proven Steps to Recruit & Retain Talent. Available to directly download here.

The wheels of progress are in motion, and we can’t ignore the fact it’s time to modernise the recruitment process in order to attract the right candidates.

The recruitment methods from 10 years ago, don’t work today.

Life-science and clinical trials recruitment have never been more of a challenge. Currently, there are more positions available than there is talent to fill them. Not to mention the fierce competition for the best people.

Finding the best possible candidates, who fit your business culture let alone understand and share your organization’s vision is a challenge that lots of employers face. And the challenge doesn’t end there. How you can recruit to keep the right people once you’ve hired them?

Our new eBook – 7 Proven Steps to Recruit & Retain Talent – looks at various simple, implementable strategies that can help you transform your organization’s recruitment process and maintain a sustainable and happy workforce.

Written by our very own Seuss Recruitment CEO and Co-Founder Sabine Hutchison, Sabine shares her knowledge and valuable industry insight.

“We all want to attract the best talent to our organizations. A strong candidate recruitment journey is critical in today’s competitive marketplace, the competition for talent is stronger than ever. We believe that there should not be short cuts taken and following a robust process shows respect to candidates and assures better hires. I hope this e-book will give some new insights on how to make those long-lasting matches.”


Sound familiar?

  1. Our interview process is the same for every role
  2. Some candidates have found other jobs by the time we get back to them
  3. We don’t train our interviewers
  4. Not 100% sure we really need the role within the business
  5. Some of our hires are capable but not motivated
  6. Employees move on quickly

Do any of these statements seem familiar to you? If so, it’s time to reconsider your process.

Our eBook has the answers to these challenges. It looks at how your organization’s personality affects your applicants to the importance of diversity and how to maintain a happy workforce.

Download your copy and start changing the future of your business today.