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About Seuss Recruitment

Meet Seuss Recruitment


Seuss Recruitment employs the art of match-making with a modern twist to find a better fit between life-science superheroes and companies. We love to work with forward-thinking pharma, medical device, medical technology, and biotech companies. Valuing making life-changing career placements above all else, we treat clients and candidates as people, not numbers.

The right match improves both the company and the life of its new employee, and there is no greater satisfaction than that.

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Story behind the story

Our Vision

Seuss Recruitment leads the way to a better, more human-focused recruitment industry by bringing the art of matchmaking to life-sciences recruitment.

“We never wanted to be recruiters, but the road opened up a path that pulled us to explore. We ended up doing something we said we’d never do, and yet, it was in that unthought-of and unsought-of place where life-changing growth happened.”    – Kieran & Sabine

Our Mission

We help change the lives of employers and employees in the life-sciences industry by matching superheroes with the companies that need them.

Seuss recruiters are life-science rock stars who focus on finding the most synergistic fit between companies and professionals using the ancient art of match-making with a modern twist.  Join Seuss Recruitment.

Our Values

Be Decent.

Integrity begins with honesty, decency, and trustworthiness.

Be Disruptive.

We will bring much-needed change to life-sciences recruitment, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

Be Fun.

We are more effective when we enjoy what we do. The same applies to our clients and candidates.

What can we do for you?

We want to help you—just tell us what you need.

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