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Announcing the Release of Seuss Recruitment’s New Brand Video

At Seuss Recruitment, we’re  thrilled to announce the release of our new brand video that captures our passion for recruiting in the life sciences industry.

We sat down with Susan Braakman, our Operations Manager and a Recruitment Consultant with 15 years of industry experience, to gain some insight into the making of the video as well as the brand itself.

When asked about her experience participating in the video, Susan said:

“It was definitely fun, it was really nice to think about what I want to say about our brand, about the company that I like to work for so much, and to really think about what makes us different. And the conclusion is that we are different; it almost makes me even happier to work for this company.”

One of the main parts of the Seuss Recruitment process that sets us apart is that we present candidates in a modern and dynamic way to our clients by selectively approaching talent rather than approaching a large number of people and seeing who bites. This means that we really take care in hand picking the best possible candidates who then have a higher likelihood of staying with a company long term. This way, we like to think of ourselves not just as recruiters but as relationship builders.


Meet Seuss Recruitment and learn more about our passion for life science recruitment


Inside Seuss Recruitment

Seuss Recruitment can be characterized in three words that encapsulate the values behind our brand—decency, respect, and fun. When these three values are mixed together, great relationships are fostered not only between us and our clients, but also between the candidates and the companies.

As Susan described it, “We are about fun! We want to have fun in our work; our clients see that and our candidates are happy to talk to us.”


Tailored Services

We offer our clients tailored services, such as permanent placement recruiting, where we find the right candidate to fill typically difficult positions to hire for and RPO (recruitment services outsourcing), where our clients get the value of an in-house recruiter, but actually the entire team here in Amsterdam is behind it.

According to Susan, she loves working here at Seuss Recruiting because of the integrity of the entire team. “We share the same values and that makes us as a team very cohesive and our clients see that and value that, and they like working with us.”


If you want to learn more about what we can offer you or your company, visit our website.