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Behind the Brand: Why We Built a New Life-Science Recruitment Brand

How did life-science business consultants Kieran Canisius and Sabine Hutchison, who did not want to do pharma recruitment, end up being game changers in the pharma-recruitment industry?  What’s the story behind the “non-recruitment” recruiters?

How it Began

Seuss Consulting started in November 2012 as a partnership between, Kieran Canisius and Sabine Hutchison, business experts in the life-sciences industry. After working together at a global CRO and staffing organization, they realized that they wanted to do something different – together. Their new company, Seuss Consulting, focused first on providing company analyses and business advice to suppliers in the life-sciences.

Going in, they had zero intentions of working in the field of pharma recruiting – been there, done that. Furthermore, they felt there was a stigma associated with recruiting in the life sciences that they wanted to escape.  They felt that the industry saw “recruiter” as a bad word.

But the phone started ringing with requests for recruitment because Kieran and Sabine had substantial networks and personable styles of engaging with people. The pair had set out to leave that world, but stories of their placement success spread, and recruitment became one of the cornerstones of Seuss Consulting.

Building a New Brand

The requests for specialized recruitment kept rolling in, and the recruitment team kept growing. The resourcing methods they used were becoming faster and more sophisticated, without straying from the Seuss specialty: the time-honored art of matchmaking.

Kieran and Sabine wanted to continue their pharma consulting work, but they recognized that they had something unique to offer to the life-sciences recruitment industry: a more personal take on matching candidates and careers. Deciding it was time to spin this specialty off into a more focused company, they registered Seuss Recruitment BV in the Netherlands in 2014. It is now its’ own stand-alone brand.

With that done, the next steps was developing this new brand’s unique messaging and getting the word out. Luckily, Seuss account manager Jessica Kundapur knew just the right person: marketing specialist Gina Dunn, who had helped Jessica with the successful launch of her book Fabulupus, a guide to staying fabulous while dealing with lupus.

Gina’s innovative and fresh approach helped create a memorable and meaningful brand. Let’s just say it involved a lot of laughs and a lot of sticky notes! Seuss is proud of the results!

The Non-Recruitment Recruiters

Kieran and Sabine ultimately discovered that the best way to escape the stigma of pharma recruitment was not to run away from it but to turn the industry on its head from the inside out. That’s why we now call ourselves the non-recruitment recruiters.

They, and the team they hired, set out to make matches, helping clients find better team members and candidates feel more in control. They wanted to take pharma recruitment from a numbers game to a career- and company-building modern matchmaking process. The goal of Seuss Recruitment was (and is) to instill the job/employee hunt with more warmth and a personal human touch.

The vision for Seuss Recruitment is to lead the way to a better, more human recruitment industry by focusing on three values: decency, disruptive thinking and fun!

Of course, finding the brand was just the first move…then comes the implementation! Watch this blog for a follow-up look “Behind the Brand” where Seuss goes into the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful of actually putting this new plan into action!

Explore the rest of this site to learn more about what makes Seuss Recruitment unique in pharma, bioscience, biotech and CRO recruitment, and then how we can help you specifically discover your ideal candidate or dream job in the life sciences. Call Sabine Hutchison at +31 (0)20 290 0016 to get started!