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Our Favourite Placements: Life-Changing Recruitment

This November we’re sharing with the world why we love our jobs, sharing the stories of our favourite placement experiences – our pharma-recruitment success stories. This week we talk to Seuss Recruitment co-founder Kieran Canisius about a recent experience that reminded her that good recruitment work can change lives.

In her words…

An Eye-Rolling Encounter

Sabine and I started Seuss Recruitment because we wanted to help people find truly life-changing career opportunities. One bonus is that we, and the rest of our team, really enjoy our work, too. So a few months ago I had an idea to launch a campaign that would let our recruitment team talk about our favourite candidates and placements. The idea was to not only showcase our fabulous recruitment team, allowing you to meet them and hear their stories (like Yvonne’s story, Susan’s story and Anton’s story), but also to showcase what recruitment really means to us.

I was all set to make my own video about my favourite placement, just like the rest of the team. I even knew which story I was going to tell, the story of a placement where someone really felt that I had impacted their life. Then there was an incident that got me really fired up – but, luckily, also an opportunity to tell this story in an even more personal way.

Recently at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Leadership conference, during a coffee break, I was enthusiastically describing to small group of people who were interested in hearing about my company all the things we do at Seuss Consulting and Seuss Recruitment. However, as soon as I mentioned the term “recruitment,” the mood changed. Visibly. One of the people actually rolled her eyes right in front of me to signal her disgust at the very word. I’m used to this response by now (as I’ve shared before), but on that day I was particularly miffed about being so easily dismissed and so easily negatively stereotyped. Why? Because just that morning, at the same conference, I had actually run into a woman (who happened to be the subject of my favourite placement story), and she had told me: “You changed my life.”

Two years earlier, when I had first approached Eliane Lopes Dos Santos via LinkedIn, she was unhappy in her current career, but she was also a bit skeptical about recruiters. However, the more she worked with us and got to know our client, the more that changed – and, clearly, it led to a very happy ending. I realized more than ever that this was the story I wanted to share, and so I actually asked her to participate in making my ‘Favourite Placement’ video with me. Luckily she agreed to share her story about how the recruitment process led to a life-changing opportunity for her, so that you get to hear it straight from her:

More Serious than Sappy

Yes, Seuss Recruitment is a business, and yes we do need to make more than we spend to thrive. Ultimately, our goal is to make real matches – based on, as I say in the video, more “magic connection” than “ticking the boxes.” That’s what fuels us is to change lives (and companies, too) while growing our own business.

To me this is no mere fluff – this is the real substance of a good match. Filling a position with the right person(ality) is what enables a company to work faster and better and avoid many of the common bumps in the road. The wrong candidate just slows a business down.

Yes, there are terrible recruiters out there – but there are also really awesome ones. Like us, they are motivated by giving people new economic opportunities, helping them find work environments where they can be happier and challenge themselves in the most fulfilling ways. Where they can grow and become stronger, as professionals and as people. That’s what we live for at Seuss Recruitment.

Go ahead, roll your eyes for now. But when it’s your turn, when you’re ready for that change, hear us out. It might just be that we can help you change your life (or your life-sciences company) for the better.

Interested in changing the trajectory of your life or life-science business? Call Seuss Recruitment at +31(0) 20 29 00 016 or email us your questions at

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