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It’s not about reaching a quota for PR purposes; the numbers don’t lie, having diversity in leadership teams leads to above-average results.

We push through the politics of diversity and help you build a better business by hiring excellent leaders.

So, take a bold step and hire truly diverse executives.


Diversity is the key to revolutionary ideas as well as smoother global expansion.

Businesses benefit from the mix of perspectives offered by greater diversity. We present leaders from different backgrounds who will thrive in the company culture and challenge organizations to expand their business thinking. Our mission is to break through political boundaries, and to place the right leaders who will make the right changes.


We are deeply entrenched in the niche life-sciences world. We understand and ask the right questions.

We know the history of the life-science industry and we delve into scientific discoveries and research trends. We capitalize on our knowledge to truly understand what our clients need, and what our candidates offer. We aim to develop the future of pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research organizations by connecting transformative leaders with fast-changing life-science companies.


As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of having strong leaders on your team.

We are more than just recruiters: we focus on your company’s goals and vision, with diversity in mind. We know how to find leaders who will not only complement but also challenge your teams. With in-depth and interesting conversations and high-level discussions, we build trusting relationships and long-lasting networks.

diverse perspective leads to business innovation

We are committed to understanding how diversity can maximize business opportunities and positively impact the bottom line. We are actively studying the specific trends so we can best advise your teams on how to benefit from diverse leaders. Our free report on gender and leadership within the EU shows how quotas in different countries affect companies.

“Seuss Consulting has successfully recruited two senior executives for our European CRO. In each case, they understood our needs perfectly and were able to identify candidates who were a good fit for our culture. After presenting us with excellent candidates, they stayed with us through the selection process, facilitating negotiations with the chosen candidates; we really felt they were part of our team.” -Dr. Alan Wood, Executive Chairman, EastHORN Clinical Services in CEE

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With our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, you get the speed of an agency and stability of an in-house recruitment team. All tailor-crafted to your unique needs.

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We present leaders who will thrive in your culture and challenge you to expand your business thinking. Businesses benefit from mixed perspectives received from greater diversity.

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We believe in authentic recruitment, looking beyond the demands of the job to find the most synergistic fit. We  find  the right talent and guide you through the process.

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Benchmarked candidates get you important work-related characteristics. See how those characteristics match against those determined to be the best fit for the position.

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