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Inspiring Journey Template

Stories are powerful as they inspire and motivate us to accomplish exciting and often unforeseen achievements. Seuss Recruitment brings a human touch back into recruitment and so we created a collection of insightful videos with stories from amazing people. We want to share the real stories, not just show the “happily ever after”. Watch our Inspiring Journey videos below.

sabine hutchison

Seuss Recruitment CEO Sabine Hutchison shares about the value we see in our Inspiring Journeys series.

Anne Bruinvels

Business leader at PX Healthcare shared her Inspiring Journey and the importance of following what motivates you.

Banjamin Lang

Olympic rower, and business development manager, shares about following your dreams.

Jos Seegers

Founder of MyMicroZoo, shared with us why he recommends not letting anything hold you bac.

Marieke Geurtsen

Sales and marketing expert, Marieke Geurtsen, taught us about doing work that gives you energy and allowing yourself to make decisions that make you happy.

Marjolein Baghuis

Catalyst for positive change and shared about how she’s paired her dedication to sustainability with her business skills.

Pauline Thijssen

Spoke with us about how to stop making excuses and chase your dreams.

Stephen G Payne 

Leadership Strategies President Dr. Stephen G. Payne shares his story of how a big failure led to big success.

Valerie Guertler Doyle

Diversity in Business Founder Valerie Guertler Doyle shares her story of how no job is too big for you.

Onno Willemse

Philips Global Director Onno Willemse shares his story of re-balancing his work and family life on his own terms.

Malinda van rooij

VISUfarma Business Analyst Malinda van Rooij shares her story of having the courage to follow your curiosity.

tom van haarlem

VISUfarma CEO Tom van Haarlem shares his story of why change (and the right team) is necessary for success.

stephanie bova

Takeda Digital Accelerator Stephanie Bova shares her story of why a singular assessment does not define your career.

lisa becker

Healthcare Executive Lisa Becker shares her story on how to build a new career and leaving a strong legacy.

jessica kundapur

Seuss Business Consultant Jessica Kundapur of how to create opportunities to get your story out there.

hellen boering

Chiltern’s Associate Director, Clinical Solutions Hellen Boering on Olympic dreams and disappointments.

glen de vries

Medidata Solutions President Glen de Vries shares his story of integrity, failure and how to not ‘fall asleep at the wheel’.

frank klaver

Healthcare Executive Frank Klaver shares his story of why authenticity is key to finding meaningful career.

bernard muller

Treeway Co-Founder Bernard Muller shares his story of being diagnosed with ALS and creating the company to find the cure.