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Seuss Recruitment FAQ

By popular demand! You asked, we answered…
You can find here some of the frequently asked questions. Still don’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer your question.
1 - I'm a clinical research professional, but I'm not sure if I'm a good fit for the vacancies you currently have posted. Should I bother applying?
Yes! First of all, with our years of matchmaking experience in the life-sciences industry, we sometimes have unconventional ideas about who will match well with a particular position. We might surprise you with an exciting new career opportunity you hadn’t considered before. Even if you are not a match for a position we’re currently filling, joining our superheroes page will put you on the radar of pharma and biotech companies looking for someone just like you to save the day. This also means you’ll be on the top of our short list when we’re looking for someone like you to fill one of the next batch of job openings that come in.
2 - What kind of positions does Seuss Recruitment specialize in?

The short answer: Seuss Recruitment has in-depth experience recruiting for all possible types of positions within the life-science industry. Now for the long answer. We have the most frequent success finding matches for mid-to-senior-level professionals working in clinical research. However, that being said, we’ve also had success finding the next career step for comptrollers, lawyers, technicians and others. All we ask is that the role fall within life sciences. We get especially revved up working with niche, mid-size CROs and pharmaceutical companies developing cutting-edge therapies. We like placing rock stars with unique skill sets in innovative companies. We do like a challenge, BUT we are also honest. If we don’t think we can find you the right match, we will tell you and we will help you find someone who can. Find out more about our executive-level service here. If you need to build a larger team of clinical research professionals, look here.

3 - Do you recruit globally?
That’s our specialty! We have team of culturally sensitive recruitment experts and global citizens who have all lived and worked in multiple countries. (Together, we speak at least 15 languages!) Our recruitment successes span Europe and North America.
4 - Will you keep me informed during the recruitment process?
We respect our candidates above all else. We will never submit any information or a CV to a client until you agree to be introduced. Once we do, we will keep you in the loop throughout the process. Seuss Recruitment insists on transparency, and ensuring that our clients and candidates are aware and empowered throughout the entire career-matchmaking process is a core aspect of our working culture.
5 - I hate working with recruiters—what makes Seuss Recruitment different?
It’s simple: we actually care about you. We know our industry has a bad reputation, and we are here to fix that. We don’t pressure candidates. We put purpose above profit; people are not just a number to us. Our business thrives when we help superhero candidates find new life-changing career trajectories with strong and unique companies. We want you to succeed.

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